Meetings:Getting to know people and meeting new clients and partners is an important element of a company development strategy. It is necessary to meet in order to achieve the desired goals. Whether a meeting is going to be organised for just a few people or for a larger group, is irrelevant. What counts is that a meeting is prepared in a professional manner. Business meetings are important at every level. This is why we take great care to ensure that your meetings are conducted in an environment that offers favourable conditions for taking strategic decisions; we look after your comfort; we search for and offer you carefully selected places; we make every effort to ensure that your meeting is a success – a success that we can celebrate with you.

Incentive: Incentive travel is used all over the world as one of the tools in the management process and for employee motivation, strengthening ties with the company and mutual integration. A trip undertaken together facilitates and strengthens human relations; common experience and effort are a great introduction to carrying out a specific task; and having fun together often helps in overcoming existing problems. In the preparation of every incentive trip, creativity is the key success factor. Keeping in mind your budget, large or small, we are able to create a unique and interesting program with carefully selected attractions in a place chosen by you. It is our task to design a program that shall be remembered for a long time.

Our Destinations:

  • CIS countries
  • Easten & Westen Europe: Poland, Germany, Italy, France etc.
  • Tukey
  • USA

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