In the boundless sea of business the set of various inhabitants from small  to huge fishes, but the most majestic always will be a thunder-storm of the seas-sharks.

For some seconds accelerates momentum from 60-100 km/h

Cannot breathe, if does not move

Differ improbable survivability and are almost unreceptive to a pain

The unique blinks both eyes

Feels one gramme of blood on distance of 500 meters

From harmonious compositions it is capable to fall into a trance

It is steady against all kinds of diseases

For a week all teeth is updated

Force of compression of jaws of a four-meter shark – 3 tons on sq. centimeter

Catches 1 gramme of blood on distance of 0,5 km.

     In the world of business such shark is company Business Travel Crimea are real professionals in the organization of business tourism and corporate rest.


     Recently theories according to which sharks have highly developed sense of taste that gives the chance to realize difficult complex problems in area business travel and MICE. .