BTC Business Travel Management gives all-round service in sphere of business travel to corporations in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and other countries of Europe and all over the world.

     BTC Services cover all - from individual flights and booking of hotels, to the analysis of tendencies of business trips, business trips and corporate rest of all company.

     BTC – the operator business and M.I.C.E. Tourism in Ukraine and Russia

     One of the primary goals addressed to general managers and heads of corporations, today, - necessity to cut down expenses on business travel and traveling and living expenses. Necessity to create the effective corporate policy of management of these expenses is also a problem of these experts and heads.

     Since that moment as business traveling and living expenses can cope and influence corporate profitableness, corporate governance of business travel makes sense.

     Management of business travel includes realization of corporate programs of travel also as well as negotiating with suppliers of sector who reduce traveling and living expenses and, at the same time, increase time of quality of travel.
For example, management of travel of business includes an estimation of an operative choice of booking, and offer the best alternative. The operative information and decisions on reservation which comprise flights, hotels and transfers provide complex reservation and support which completely satisfy the client and are now easily accessible.

     Experts BTC are always accessible, meeting client requirements in a mode 24/7. Where you were and whatever happens, you can contact the Adviser who operates last change.